lørdag den 20. november 2010

Saru did shopping for Sna

Sna, 6 years, 15 kg. 115 cm
Dear Orly, I will leave to my hometown soon. This morning, I went to buy the new school clothes with belt , new shoes with sock, and a new school bag as well.
To make sure, I just want to calculate the money that I spend for Sna....
One shirt 3 USD,
One trouser 3.50 USD
One Belt 1 USD,
One shoes 6 USD, (I can choose 4-3 USD too, but not so good quality)
One shock 2000 R.
One school bag, 4 USD.
I also buy a new shoe and shock for Mey, because it looks so beautiful.
He's very happy with all these things, and I hope that his parents must be happy to see their son with all these clean and high quality clothes.
I have to go now......
Have nice days

Sna, in the background the temple, Wat Koh

Sna, in the background the port to the temple

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